If your baby is crying inconsolably, you may be wondering whether colic or gas could be the culprit. Both conditions cause otherwise healthy babies to cry incessantly, leaving lots of parents stressed out and scratching their heads about how to help their little one. Although there is no known cause for colic – and, thus, no tried and true remedy for all babies – parents typically find success with two common remedies. Gripe water and gas drops are both frequently used by parents to treat their baby’s tummy ailments. But, is one preferred over the other? Let’s take a closer look at gripe water vs gas drops.

Along with these remedies, we also recommend trying an anti-gas bottle and gentler formula if bottle feeding!

Gripe Water Basics

Gripe water is a type of over the counter alternative medicine. It is made of water and a mixture of herbs, which can vary based upon the manufacturer. a lot of commonly, however, gripe water consists of dill seed oil and sodium bicarbonate. Dill seed is known to have a soothing effect on the stomach, and sodium bicarbonate is added to off-set stomach acid. Gripe water is usually alcohol-free and sugar-free, and its ingredients are created to soothe a baby’s upset tummy.

Pros of Gripe Water vs Gas Drops

Since gripe water consists of herbs known to have a warming and soothing effect, it can be effective in treating both gassy babies and colicky babies. In fact, lots of parents vow by it. It is easily easily accessible over the counter, is easy to use, and isn’t expensive.

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As with lots of over the counter medications, too much gripe water can cause side effects. If a baby gets too much sodium bicarbonate, it can cause a condition called alkalosis. In this hazardous scenario, the blood loses its natural acidity and becomes base instead, causing symptoms such as vomiting, tremors, confusion, and numbness in the face, hands, and feet.

When stored improperly, gripe water can also grow bacteria and fungi. To avoid this, be sure to always store your bottle in a cool, dry location and do not use it once it is past the manufacturer’s expiration date. 

Gas drops Basics

This over the counter liquid medicine consists of the active ingredient simethicone. It breaks up large gas bubbles in the baby’s digestive system, creating smaller gas bubbles that are a lot more easily passed instead. Gas drops can be dispensed directly into the baby’s mouth, or they can be mixed with formula or expressed breast milk.

Pros of Gas drops vs Gripe Water

The American Academy of Pediatrics has labeled gas drops as safe even for newborn babies, and adverse side effects are very rare. They are proven effective in helping babies ease their gas pains, and they can be used multiple times daily for recurrent gassiness in infants.

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Since there is no proven cause of colic, gas drops may not impact a baby’s crying. Additionally, they are risky for use in babies who are also taking thyroid medications, as they may cause a harmful drug interaction.

Deciding Which is better for Your Baby: Gripe Water vs Gas Drops

Parents who are faced with a crying baby are normally ready to try anything but wonder where to start. If you think your baby may have gas, give gas drops a try. Symptoms of gas in infants include a firm belly, drawing the legs up toward the abdomen repeatedly, and crying after feedings. If you’re observing these behaviors in your child, gas drops are probably the best place to start. However, things are not nearly as clear-cut with a colicky baby.

Since colic remains a bit of a medical mystery with no proven cause, there is also no proven remedy. Neither gripe water nor gas drops can be said to be effective, and colicky babies may exhibit a large variety of symptoms. Sometimes, a colicky baby will simulate a gassy baby, pulling their legs up toward their abdomen as described above. In this case, gas drops may help to ease some of a colicky baby’s discomfort.

However, lots of colicky babies respond better to soothing techniques like walking, swaying, back rubs, and singing. If your child seems to respond a bit to these or other types of soothing techniques when crying, gas is probably not the issue. Gripe water and its calming ingredients may be of a lot more use for a crying baby in this scenario.

A note about medical Attention

While all babies cry and about twenty percent show signs of colic, you may not always be able to treat your baby’s discomfort on your own. here are some things to enjoy for if you have a baby who cries incessantly:

A blue tint to the lips, which indicates baby is not getting enough oxygen

Crying that occurs after a fall or other injury and sounds different than your baby’s normal cry

Blood in baby’s stool, or a change in bowel movement habits

A temperature grsyöjä kuin 100,4 F (38 c)

Itku, joka pahenee ajan myötä (kovemmin, pidempiä ajanjaksoja)

Jos sinusta tuntuu avuttomalta tai hukkua huolehtimalla itkevästä vauvasta

Jotakin edellä mainituista oireista on tärkeää hakea lääkärin hoitoa. Joskus voi olla, että vauva kärsii ruoka -allergiasta, varsinkin jos lapsesi imetetään. Lastenlääkäri voi auttaa sinua selvittämään, onko lapsesi itku normaalia vai syytäkö huolenaihe.

Luottamalla suolistosi

Kuten monissa vanhemmuuden näkökohdissa, kaverit ja tuttavat ovat valmiita ja valmiita kertomaan, mikä toimi parhaiten heidän itkevälle vauvalle. Väistämättä jotkut lupaavat, että vettä on vastaus, kun taas toiset laulavat kaasupisaran kiitosta. Muista, että jokainen vauva on erilainen, ja tunnet lapsesi parhaiten. Riippumatta suolistostasi ja kokeile ensin järkeviä lääkkeitä. Voit aina kokeilla toista, jos et saavuta toivomasi tuloksia.

Kun yrität rauhoittaa itkevää pikkuasi, älä epätoivo. Vaikka se voi tällä hetkellä olla hyvin yrittämässä, muistuta itsellesi, että se ei kestä ikuisesti. Jopa kaikkein turmeltuneimmat vauvat kasvavat siitä noin 3-4 kuukautta, mutta toivomme, että ryppyvesi tai kaasupisarat saattavat tarjota vain tarvitsemasi lääkkeen.

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